Friday, April 22, 2011

October 1985: Writing Assignments--Narrative

Question: How can teachers  prepare students for writing narrative, descriptive and persuasive assignments?

Answer: Heuristics are a series of questions that help students to prepare for a writing assignment. They are helpful in that students can learn from them how to think through a writing assignment. In short, they are models for one approach to pre-writing. Heuristics are a kind of directed brainstorm. RayS.

Narrative Writing
What has occurred? What are some words that specifically describe this occurrence? Where did this incident take place? What are some words that describe this place?

When did this story (incident0 take place? What are some words that specifically describe the context in which this story took place? Who was involved in this story?

How did the people involved in this story cause or help to cause it? What words would you use to describe these people? What relationship did you have with these people? Why is this story important to you? \

Could this incident have been prevented? If so, how?
Would you want this incident to occur again? If so, why? How has this story added to what you now know that you did not know before? How does what you now know affect your decisions and relations with others?

Title: “The Effects of Writing Ability and Mode of Discourse on Cognitive Capacity Engagement.” WM Reed, JK Burton and PP Kelly. Research in the Teaching of English (October 1985), 283-297.

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