Friday, April 1, 2011

May 1976: The Effects of Electives on Teaching English

Question: What did electives accomplish?

Answer/Quote: “Their [electives’] advantages are many: the self-selecting process of grouping students, the high interest level of many courses, the diversity of course offering, the honest attempt to meet student needs. Perhaps most important, teachers no longer simply adopt textbooks which become the curriculum. They design programs and courses for their own students. Indeed elective programs signal a major change in the teacher’s traditional role—a change from that of the skilled technician who follows procedures specified by other to that of the professional who designs and evaluates the procedures.” 7.

Comment: Can English teachers say the same today (2011)? RayS.

“Viewpoint: In Defense of Electives.” George Hillocks. English Journal (May 1976), 7.

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