Wednesday, April 13, 2011

May 1990: Why Do Teachers Resist Change?

Answer/Quote: “Despite interest and enthusiasm among a large number of teachers, change did not automatically occur. From my perspective, there were four constraints that limited many teachers’ acceptance and implementation of a whole language perspective: (a) their concern with accountability, (b) a lack of resources, (c) their misperceptions about whole language, and (d), their resistance to change.” P. 642.

Comment: Real change comes from the recognized needs of teachers and a concern for students. Change will always be difficult when it occurs from the top down, from the administrators to the teachers. Interestingly, whole language was “sold” as a desire for reform by teachers. In this case, it was clearly a desire to “sell” teachers on an administrative change. RayS.

Title: “Enacting Change in Elementary School Programs: Implementing a Whole Language Perspective.” Lia Ridley. Reading Teacher (May 1990), 640-646.

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