Friday, April 15, 2011

May 1990: Trends in Reading/Literacy Instruction

Question: What were the five most frequent requests for information from the ERIC/RCS Database in 1989 and are these questions still relevant today (2011)?

Answer/Quote: “At ERIC/RCS we have two means for assessing the trends in our profession. One is through the thousands of conference papers and journal articles that we review and abstract. The other is through more than 25,000 requests for information that we receive each year. For example, the five most frequent requests in 1989 fell under these headings:

.Teaching children to appreciate literature.
.Spelling development and invented spelling.
.Defining whole language.
.Stages of a child’s reading development.
.Qualities of effective writing programs.”

Comment: Appreciating literature, stages in reading development and effective writing programs are as important today(2011) as in 1989, twenty-two years ago. However, they might not be in the top five, replaced by surviving standardized testing, standards in general and fluency in reading. RayS.

Title: “Trends in Reading/Literacy Instruction.” Carl B. Smith. Reading Teacher (May 1990), 680-681.

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