Thursday, March 24, 2011

November 1994: Writing Evaluation

Question: How can students evaluate the progress and problems in their writing?

Answer: They write an essay that includes the following:

.What you selected for your portfolio and why
.What you learned about writing these pieces and how
.Improvements, strengths and weaknesses in your writing
.Piece of writing that best represents your work and why
.Aspects of the class or particular assignments that were most helpful in improving your writing
.Types of assignments that you would like to do more of
.Assignments that you particularly disliked and why.
p. 76.

Comment: Whether as an introduction to a portfolio at the end of the school year or as a self-evaluation of successes and problems in the writing program, students can tell teachers a great deal about their perception of strengths and problem in their writing and of the writing program through such an essay. RayS.

Title: “Using Portfolio Reflections to Re-form Instructional Programs and Build Curriculum.” Sarah Robbins, et al. English Journal (November 1994), 71-78.

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