Friday, March 25, 2011

November 1994: Education Reform and Students

Question: What is a possible strategy for changing the present-day approaches to education?

Answer: “Adults rarely think about students as participants in the process of change.”

Comment: Involve students in evaluating the present-day (2011) use of standardized tests of reading and math in order to determine the success and failure of students and schools. Make their opinions available to legislators who are responsible for using tests for this purpose.

Nowhere in my reading of newspapers and viewing of TV newscasts have I seen anything about how students feel toward reducing evaluation of learning to tests of reading and math. It’s almost as if the learners who are most affected by these tests are of no importance. They do what the adults tell them to do. What are the effects of these tests on the students? At least give them a chance to express their opinions. RayS.

“Making Sense of Reform: The Role of Students in Educational Change.” Patricia B. Wachholz. English Journal (November 1994), 80-82.

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