Monday, March 28, 2011

November 1994: Short Stories

Question: Why use short stories in the classroom?

Answer/Quote: “English teachers like to use short stories. They keep students involved. They don’t take weeks to finish. They can be read in one night. They can be squeezed into the small spaces left by all-school assemblies. They can spark great discussions.” 87.

Comment: Long ago I found that even with short stories, the teacher needs to involve the students quickly to overcome inertia. I have been most successful with the following technique. First, speculating on the title. Second reading one paragraph a page or a column. Third, telling what they have learned from this brief scanning. Fourth, raising questions about what they want to know. Finally, reading to answer the questions and discussing the answers. RayS.

Title: “Connecting Short Stories.” Diana Mitchell. English Journal (November 1994), 87-91.

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