Wednesday, May 18, 2011

February 1971: The Search for Panaceas in Reading Instruction

Question: What are some approaches to reading instruction that have been tried?

Answer/Quote: “In recent years it seems that there has been a continuous search for programs or materials that would offer the solution to reading problems. There have been modified alphabets, programmed materials, multi-ethnic texts, linguistic readers, reading series stressing the synthetic phonic approach, those presenting an analytic approach to phonics instruction…. Still, there are children who cannot read satisfactorily. “ p. 416.

Comment: So it goes. And still goes on. In 2011, it’s a search for “research-based” solutions to reading teaching and problems. No one bothers to ask, “What about the quality of that research which is being cited as supportive of the approach being championed at the time.” And so it goes. RayS.

Title: “Five Steps to Effective Reading Instruction.” William L. Rutherford. Reading Teacher (February 1971), pp. 416-421, 424.

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