Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April 1990: Idiomatic Language

Question: How can teachers help children understand idiomatic language?

Answer: Read Amelia Bedlia books. For example, when told to “hit the road,” Amelia Bedelia takes a stick and whacks the street in front of her house.

Teacher makes up a test with, for example, three choices for the meaning of “get it off your chest.” A. Remove dirt from your chest. B. Play a game of chess. C. To talk about something that’s been on your mind.”

Comment: Idioms are hard to explain and to understand. Idioms are very difficult for students whose primary language is not English. This technique might take some time for preparation, but may be very helpful. And even older students will enjoy reading Amelia Bedelia books. RayS.

Title: Interpreting Idioms.” Carol Wolechick. Reading Teacher (April 1990), 614-615.

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