Thursday, May 19, 2011

February 1971: Essential Elements of Reading Instruction

Question: What should every reading lesson include?

Answer/Quote: “Define in precise terms what it is that children are to learn in each lesson and teach to accomplish these objectives…. Evaluate the lesson, to determine what each child has learned, not just what the ‘answering’ students’ know.” P. 416.

Comment: I think it’s about time we emphasize again our objectives in teaching. Let the students know what our objectives are. In all of the years that I observed teachers teaching, I rarely was aware of the teachers’ objectives in teaching the lessons. Of course, the students did not know either. Objectives are a vital part of learning. We need to answer the unasked question, “Why do I need to know this stuff?” RayS.

Title: “Five Steps to Effective Reading Instruction.” William L. Rutherford. Reading Teacher (February 1971), pp. 416-421, 424.

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